About Me

About Me

Who would start a travel blog in 2020?


I’m Liisa. A writer from Toronto. And I like to wander.

This site is a journal for me to share what I learn while travelling.  And, I hope, a place for those seeking inspiration for their own adventures.

You may know me for other things. Like my writing about music, horror movies or vampires, or making YouTube videos about goth or documentaries about heavy metal. But whatever else I’m doing, when I can afford it, I travel. And it’s out there, in the world, that I’m most inspired to write. A few years back I started compiling lists of things I learned along the way, for friends and family. Now I will share those writings with you.

But why would I launch this project in the middle of a global pandemic when we have no idea if or when travel as we know it will return?

To me, adventure isn’t only ziplining in a jungle faraway. It’s about the surrender to wonder. What matters is not the destination itself, but how the experience of arriving and moving through a place changes you and your worldview for the rest of your life.

For now, for most of us,  the places we’ve been dreaming of visiting are not within reach. But there’s still an opportunity to discover wonder — in our own neighbourhoods, and countries. So I’m going to go look, and to write about it.

At the start of 2020, I had a plan for this site. Like everything else, that’s changed. So like the best trips, we’ll just have to start and see where it goes. Expect a mix of long-form essays and bite-sized lists that reflect my honest experiences and opinions. And interviews, because I love learning from others.

This site isn’t limited to any one niche or budget. You’ll read about morbid attractions like cemeteries and crypts, natural wonders, art and culture, vegetarian eating, cycling…and because we’re all staying close to home right now, I’ll write about what I learn doing that.

My passport may be safely tucked away, but my curiosity is not. So thanks for stopping by. Let’s go see what’s out there.

On y va. Yalla!



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