About Me

About Me

I’m Liisa. A writer from Toronto. And I like to wander.


Liisa Wanders is where I share the many life lessons I learn as a solo female traveller.  And, I hope, a place that will inspire you to embark on more adventures of your own, whether that’s around the world, or around the block.


To me, adventure isn’t about ziplining in a jungle faraway. It’s about the surrender to wonder. What matters is not the destination itself, but how the experience of arriving and moving through a place, and the people you encounter there, changes you and your worldview for the rest of your life.

You may know me for other things. Like my writing about music, horror movies or vampires, or making YouTube videos about goth or documentaries about heavy metal. I’m still into all those things. But whatever else I’m doing, when I can afford it, I travel. And it’s out there, in the world, that I’m most inspired to write. A few years back I started compiling lists of things I learned along the way for friends and family. I’m excited that I can now share those writings with you.

My travel writing isn’t limited to any one niche. And so you’ll read about morbid attractions like cemeteries and crypts, natural wonders, saunas and hot springs, art and culture, vegetarian eating, cycling…travel stories for all budgets, all types of people. Expect a mix of long-form essays and bite-sized lists that reflect my honest experiences and opinions. And interviews, because I love learning from others.

I hope that Liisa Wanders makes you think about the world, makes you laugh, makes you want to visit these places where I’ve wandered. Please let me know if that’s so!

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s go see what’s out there.

On y va. Yalla!



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